Hello, I am Tanisa and I am here to rant random things based on my mood and the weather.


Yep, that is me. I am socially anxious and photogenically awkward enough to just post a photo of my swelled up eyes. At least that’s what the setting-up-the-about-page-of-you-blog blog said; post a picture to connect with ’em!

All I do is write and there is nothing in it for you except to get some bookgasmic pleasure or watch an amateur writer improve herself. I do click the nature too.


Like this one..

take3 454.jpeg

And this one! (featuring my elder sister without her permission so if you ever come across this, just forgive me)

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You can never have enough pictures! Another one? Oh stop! You’re embarassing me!!


And this is my sister – Dora. You’ll love her. She is melodramatic and is a storehouse of unlimited love and wet kisses. She is one adorable and irritating sister you can get. And just like every one of us she hates studying.


I do draw too. I ain’t no da Vinci so please keep all that hatred and belittling criticism under control. I have a weak heart and you do not want to be on my bad side. You do me something bad, I will make sure I go crawl inside my shell kept in the corner of the room and cry myself to sleep. Do not dare underestimate me!

I also want to show-off by showing some more of my pictures,

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