Rain Hugs Me Again

Let us forget all the shames

And lose ourselves in the rain;

Let us forget our sins

And lose our self in the stream,

Of dance and songs,

And the world of love.

Honey, lets dance like nobody else.

I can feel the cold water

Washing down the grief off my face.

Because all I know came

First –

the drop of purity,

Second –

the drop of peace,

And third, but not the last –

came the drop which took me.

I felt so lost

In the darkness.

I felt so tiny

In the void.

But I did feel some push behind me

And here I am in the world.

All the black nothing

Has vanished away from sight.

And I can see a happy world

With the birds chirping in.

I can hear the thunderbirds

And fear stuck me again.



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