It Was Sunny A While Ago

Everything seemed to be happier and sunnier minutes ago, and now everything seems gloomy. I have pushed myself into the depths of the abyss before anyone realizing it.

I can’t see the shining light anymore but I do not mind. I have gotten accustomed to this Sancy darkness.

All I can remember is the storm which was brewing in the filth minds of the commonality.

May God give light to those who find themselves in this clandestine pit where evil breeds.

But it is a pity that all I can remember is the shining rays a while ago before I was shoved into the ever-growing tunnel of melancholy.


2 thoughts on “It Was Sunny A While Ago

  1. Did u read preludes by Eliot ?
    do have a reading ..
    Followed by metamorphosis of Kafka ..
    Y I said u so ,wud only be able to relate once you read these texts ..


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