Freedom – (noun) – the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved

Everyone of us has a place to go to when our mind needs some rest and peace. The place might be a person we trust and love, a thing or a physical place.

You might seek your home in drawing, or music, while I may find freedom in books and writing. Metal or rock might take you out of your grief-stricken state, but for me, soft and dream pop works the best.

Painting a scenery might take someone out of their misery while making abstract lines on the canvas is the way for someone else.

Whatever (or wherever) it is, we have no one in that land to stop us from doing what we are doing. We are our own selves, a tiny individual in a land of unending impossibilities, a land where we can find an orifice in every rock as well, a place where there are boundless creations, a place where we are free.


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